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  • Kunto/siisteys 7,8
  • Palvelut 6,7
  • Sijainti 7,9
  • Huonemukavuus/taso 7,7
  • Henkilökunta 7,8
  • Vastinetta rahalle 8,2
  • Ruoka/syöminen 6,2

christos, Kreikka
Majoittui 4 yötä, tammikuu 2016
Nice location.
The hotel doesn' have spa and restaurant . I give my clothes in a laundry to they told me and they destroyed.
Arvioitu: 24 tammikuuta 2016

Radu, Romania
Yksin matkustava
Majoittui 7 yötä, tammikuu 2016
The hotel is good!
Very good!
Arvioitu: 15 tammikuuta 2016

Magdalena, Puola
Majoittui yhden yön, helmikuu 2015
Great stay!
Clean,modern and affordable
Great location,all within walking distance.Plenty of shops,dinners and also entertaining places within walking distace. Large room ,very clean and tidy.Modern.Only down side -no lift so you need to carry your laguage 3-4 floors up the heat,great excersize !!!
Arvioitu: 28 joulukuuta 2015

Neetha, Malesia
Majoittui yhden yön, joulukuu 2015
Very near to beach and shopping
strategic location, room quite big , room very clean
Arvioitu: 16 joulukuuta 2015

James, Kanada
Yksin matkustava
Majoittui 2 yötä, joulukuu 2015
Hidden fake gem
Mostly clean, decent location, PRICE
The only hotel that gave me trouble for leaving the power key in the room during the day to keep the A/C on. All beds in Thailand are hard but the one here was of stone. No elevator. Hidden in an alley behind massage shops on the main road makes it hard to find without gps. But for the price it can't be beat.
Arvioitu: 14 joulukuuta 2015

Daniel, Kolumbia
Majoittui 2 yötä, joulukuu 2015
real review of the hotel!
The only good thing was the location!
I don't even consider it a hotel, it's an old building run by useless people! I stayed 2 nights with my wife in which we only had water maximum 5 hours, the manager answerd me after 14 hours not being able to take a shower or go to the toilet that we should cross our fingers... And left because the hole hotel was fed up of the situation! They didn't even give us a bottle of water or any solution! The bathroom were gross, never been cleand, but of course with no water in the building how can we expect the poor cleaners to clean!! And after talking to some local neighbors they told me that the hotel always had the same issue!! On top of that you could see literally rats on the street!! I wouldn't even stay there for free! The people who might think I'm exaggerating, please book in it and review!! That hotel would never been able to run in another country!!
Arvioitu: 11 joulukuuta 2015

ben, Australia
Yksin matkustava
Majoittui yhden yön, marraskuu 2015
wifi in room was it
Horrible holes in bed sheet plus looked dirty balcony
Arvioitu: 01 joulukuuta 2015

Mohd, Malesia
Majoittui 3 yötä, maaliskuu 2015
Comfy And Affordable
Location very near to the beach and entertainment place as well as the 24hours mart. Hotel room very spacious n bathroom too.The only things that turn me off is they dont provide hot water to to drink
Affordable and very convenience. Would like to come again and stay at these hotel because I really enjoying my vacation in Phuket and its really worth it 👍
Arvioitu: 27 elokuuta 2015

rohana, Malesia
Majoittui 3 yötä, elokuu 2015
Arvioitu: 10 elokuuta 2015

junaida, Singapore
Yksin matkustava
Majoittui 2 yötä, toukokuu 2015
solo traveller
There isn't any toiletries kettle to boil of my night power shut off the whole building n there's no emergency lights n torch light in the room for me to use while waiting the power to resume n it was 4 am in the morning
Arvioitu: 25 toukokuuta 2015





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