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  • Kunto/siisteys 8,7
  • Palvelut 9,4
  • Sijainti 9,0
  • Huonemukavuus/taso 8,7
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  • Vastinetta rahalle 8,2
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Darren, Australia
Studio-sviitti - Rannalla
Majoittui 2 yötä, heinäkuu 2016
Amazing Location
We had a suite cottage on the beach, room 103. Great place to relax and watch the waves roll in. Food and drinks in the hotel are expensive so suggest eating outside at one of the local restaurants which have better food at small fraction of the price, much cheaper.
Arvioitu: 14 heinäkuu 2016

Jillian, Iso-Britannia
Studio-sviitti - Rannalla
Majoittui 3 yötä, toukokuu 2016
Fantastic Location
Despite the stormy weather (time of year), great holiday. The villas on the beach are superb. Great breakfast. The beach, when its sunny, is great for swimming and the pool is lovely.
Arvioitu: 05 heinäkuu 2016

Jean-Christophe, Ranska
Yhden makuuhuoneen mökki - Kukkulan puolella
Majoittui 2 yötä, kesäkuu 2016
I appreciate the honesty of the hotel to announce up front that the swimming pool was under repair and to offer very interesting compensation with room upgrade and free dinner. We took the dinner at the beach restaurant where we could select from the normal menu and it was delicious. For my birthday the chef baked an amazing cake for me respecting my diet needs, this was a real surprise. The cottages are super comfortable and the top of comfort is the traditional fan and windows that we can open (a/c makes me sick). Nothing is missing including the breeze and the noise of the waves. The beach is almost private as shared only with private villas at its end. The scenery is beautiful and from the sea we hardly can see the bungalows. The breakfast buffet is excellent with a wide variety for westerners and fresh omelets. The staff is full of attention, just right, never too much or too little. The only detail that may need attention is that the shower water was not constant. Otherwise, just perfect. A few minutes by foot, there are shops and a few minutes down, the Surin beach back to its original state with only 1 or 2 restaurants at its end. Would love to go again.
Arvioitu: 26 kesäkuu 2016

JAN, Kanada
Yhden makuuhuoneen mökki - Kukkulan puolella
Majoittui 4 yötä, kesäkuu 2016
9.9 Rating!
By far, the Surin Phuket resort was one of the best resorts we have visited. We loved the attentive, impeccably detailed service, from housekeeping, to the Thai spa massages to the Beach restaurant meals. Breakfast menu was also one of the best we've had. A definite recommendation!
Arvioitu: 23 kesäkuu 2016

Donal, Iso-Britannia
Hillside Cottage
Majoittui 4 yötä, kesäkuu 2016
Excellent Experience
We originally booked for four nights, at the end of our stay we checked out to move on to a 5 star hotel in Karon Beach. When we checked in we realised we had been spoilt by our experience at The Surin. We called The Surin to see if we could come back. Of course this was no problem. When we arrived back they made us feel very welcome. We were so glad to spend more time at this resort. Great attentive service, and genuine interest in their customers. Well done guys!
Arvioitu: 21 kesäkuu 2016

Spengler, Saksa
Hillside Cottage
Majoittui 2 yötä, kesäkuu 2016
my place
nice place
Arvioitu: 13 kesäkuu 2016

Lynda, Singapore
Hillside Cottage
Majoittui 3 yötä, huhtikuu 2016
Loved it
Enjoyed our stay here in The Surin. Everything was really great. I could feel a little biased treatment just bcos i wasnt white skin but nothing that i could shrug off. Staff were all still friendly & nice. Room was amazing! The stairs thoughhhh.......... it takes leg workout to a whole new level for me. Overall, i would definitely come back.
Arvioitu: 03 toukokuu 2016

Roxan, Australia
Yksin matkustava
Hillside Cottage
Majoittui 3 yötä, huhtikuu 2016
What an amazing place! I'll be going back ASAP
Arvioitu: 01 toukokuu 2016

Panida, Thaimaa
Hillside Cottage
Majoittui 2 yötä, huhtikuu 2016
Arvioitu: 15 huhtikuu 2016

Ong, Singapore
Hillside Cottage
Majoittui yhden yön, heinäkuu 2015
Cannot get any better than this for sure!
Serenity, view and privacy
Arvioitu: 07 tammikuu 2016





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